Workshop 1: ‘Non-profit Open Access ventures of significant scope in Europe’ (Updated description, 17/06/2014)



Discussion leaders: Pierre Mounier, Associate Director of the Center for open electronic publishing (Cléo)

Victoria Tsoukala, ePublishing and SSH Unit (National Documentation Centre/National Hellenic Research Foundation)

Workshop Purpose: This workshop will provide a forum for discussion of different aspects of not-for-profit open access publishing ventures in Europe. It will examine specific case-studies, such as Open Edition, Ubiquity Press and and other innovative models and collaborations in Europe, as well as focus on a number of current subjects, such as business models and economics, policy developments, the case of the SSH, collaboration opportunities.

Workshop Description: Open Access and electronic publishing offer an exciting way for scientific knowledge to be shared more widely among researchers and the public at large. At the same time open access and the ever-evolving technology open up innovative and disruptive new ways of communicating research. Recent years have witnessed a large number of initiatives in this domain, both for-profit and not-for-profit. Large commercial publishers have successfully exploited the so-called gold open access model, which entails charging author or institutional fees, often large amounts of money, as a means of generating income. This workshop examines case studies and issues that pertain specifically to not-for-profit ventures in Europe, as an open access publishing model that differs from the for-profit one in its aims and modalities.

The workshop will address in a structured way issues that are current in the context of not-for-profit open access publishing, using also specific case studies. More specifically, it will focus on the following topics:

  • Business models (good practices) for not-for-profit open access publishing, especially paying attention to issues of sustainability of such ventures
  • International policy developments as opportunities and challenges for not-for-profit open access ventures (E.g. EC Recommendation; Horizon 2020 rules etc)
  • SSH open access publishing in the context of not-for-profit open access publishing ventures
  • Alternative peer-review models
  • Collaborations among such ventures and new potential initiatives



The following organizations will briefly present their activities with a focus on the aforementioned topics and structured discussion will follow:

ePublishing@EKT> (Victoria Tsoukala, ePublishing and SSH Unit, National Documentation Centre/National Hellenic Research Foundation)- moderator

Cléo –Open Edition (Pierre Mounier, Associate Director of the Center for Open Electronic Publishing)-moderator

OAPEN Foundation (Eelco Ferwerda, Director)

Ubiquity Press (Brian Hole, Founder and CEO)

Maison des sciences de l’Homme (Emanuelle Corne, Head of Publications)

Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (Heal-link) (Dimitris Kouis)

Library and Information Centre, University of Patras (Panos Georgiou)



There is registration fee (40 Euros) for this workshop.

The number of participants will be set by the workshop organisers


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